Save Your Skin

Less than 30% of Americans regularly use sunscreen. So we decided to use a UV camera (and an awesome song by Tierra Whack) to show people why they should.


Spread Protection

When you get a flu shot at Walgreens, you aren’t just protecting yourself. You also protect everyone that you care about, and everyone that they care about, too. This flu season, spread protection, not the flu.


Catch Your Train, Not The Flu

We also did an OOH takeover of Penn Station and Grand Central, reminding everyone who was traveling how important getting their flu shot really is.


Catch this Tune, Not the Flu

In the same spirit, we wrote a few catchy jingles about flu prevention, in the hopes that we could use a catchy jingle to help stop people from catching the flu. Unfortunately, these never made it out of the ‘ideation’ stage, so yes— the voices singing these jingles are mine and my partner’s.


Preventative Print

We also came up with an idea for “preventative print” — a series of print ads with samples of Walgreens’ top flu-prevention products. We planned to place these in all the most popular magazines to purchase while you’re traveling, to help actually prevent the spread of the flu on trains and planes.


Care Doesn’t Care

When Walgreens said they wanted us to push them to create a spot that would really grab people emotionally and capture the true meaning of unconditional care, we were thrilled. We wrote, sold, and made this spot. We also underestimated the power of politics and overthinking. The spot that finally aired is very different from the one you’re about to watch, but this one is the closest to our original vision, and we still think it’s a powerful piece.