Website Re-Design

Häagen-Dazs asked us to design a new website that would entice people to explore their many flavors & products, so we created this "moodboard” style homepage, with tiles that are updated periodically with new flavor showcases, recipes, and seasonal stories. We also did a massive photoshoot of nearly every product they offer to give the site that consistently luscious feel.


Simply Extraordinary

Passion for a craft transforms simple things into extraordinary ones: whether it's a composer turning a few notes into an incredible song or a simple strawberry being made into Häagen-Dazs ice cream.


Social Media

For Häagen-Dazs, social media is all about “winning summer.” That means introducing new products in a flashy way, while still giving love to our base flavors, too.

This summer, we started out with a series of square-themed social posts. What better way to introduce our new Cookie Squares than on the social media platform that celebrates the square shape? Then, we followed up with more content that ran all summer long, to make people crave the flavors they’d already learned to love. The great thing about selling ice cream is that sometimes, all you need to do… is show people the ice cream.