Walgreens has been our bread and butter for the past year, and while working on it we produced three major TV-led campaigns. The most recent was called Save Your Skin, and was all about using some dramatic visuals and an awesome song to make people stop and think about using sunscreen every single day.



Working on Häagen-Dazs let us flex our creative muscles in lots of different ways. I helped create a completely new website for them, designed to make people crave ice cream and want to explore every single one of our indulgent flavors. We also wrote and produced a big brand-level TV spot (on the right), to illustrate our core belief that most extraordinary things have simple beginnings. Lastly, we led a series of social content shoots to help us remind people to snack on Häagen-Dazs (in all its many shapes and sizes) all summer long.



We probably had the most fun working on the commercials we made for 3M. For Command Hooks, we got to lean in hard to some dry, awkward humor — and got the unbeatable satisfaction of watching words we wrote come out of MC hammer’s mouth. After all, who better to advocate for damage-free Command Hooks… than a Hammer.



For Canon, we got asked to orchestrate an influencer campaign, and come up with a way to tie all of the different posts they were going to create together. The larger campaign for the EOS series was all about enabling spontaneous creativity, so we came up with the idea to have our influencers play a variation of the improv game “story tag.” The result was three fun, weird, creative stories, all illustrated with beautiful imagery taken on our Canon cameras.



We only touched Jif for a short while, but we’ve dubbed the commercial we made for them our “favorite ad to show to our parents.”

Jif’s an established brand with a pretty tight emotional box to play in, so it was an interesting challenge to find the right places to push to make a sweet commercial that wasn’t exactly the same story you’ve seen a hundred times before.

I call it a success since every time I watch this commercial, it makes me want to be in a pillow fort, eating a PB&J sandwich too.


alli diet pills

We created this series of online videos about alli Weight Loss pills to highlight their key feature: when you diet, and take alli, you don’t have to follow all the strictest rules of weight loss. You can still enjoy your food, and lose weight too. alli lets you rewrite the rules of weight loss.

“Rewriting the rules” led us to these fun, typographic executions that literally rewrite the rules before your very eyes. And they were just as much fun to design and make as they are to watch.